I had the honor and pleasure to know Bob in high school. During our junior and senior years we worked together on the Satellite our schools yearbook! Our senior year Bob was Editor-in-Cheif. Putting together the larest single yearbok in the state of Michigan with 392 pages our senior year.

The job was not easy, However with Bob as our leader it got done! When Bob asked you just could not say NO so a few of us spent many a weekend, and Christmas and Easter vacations doing the job! Bob made every minute of it fun! I still remember it like it was yesterday!

Bob and I were good friends and I loved him dearly! I had the honor to be asked to our senior prom by him!

Sadly that was not to happen, Bob got pretty sick toward the end of our senior year so he was unable to attend! He felt so bad he asked his friend Patt to take me! At our 30th reunion I had the pleasure of meeting his beauiful wife Shelley They were so happy and just perfect for each other! My husband Greg and Bob and Shelly laughed about our memory of not being able to go to prom, We decided that Bob and I should have our “prom dance” at the reunion. I was so happy and so very greatful to Shelley for allowing that to happen! Now more than ever! Thankyou again Shelley!

Bob was truly one of kind man! I am honored and proud to have known him and call him my friend!
I will miss you!

My thoughts and prayers are with the Gerber family! Godspeed all of you!
Love, Penny

Class of 1980 John Glenn High School

Submitted by: Penny Green (Martinez)