“Party Bob” at the “8 Ball” in AA, Mich. (Nov. 2009)

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss you!
Submitted by: Kim Gouin

Bobby Aug 2011

Missing you!
Submitted by: Shelley

The Famous Farrells Ice Cream Parlor

Bob would always get and eat what was called, “The Pig’s Trough!” Then he got to carve his name in it when he was done! And of course he ate it all EVERY time!
Submitted by: Kim Gerber Gouin

Bob’s 11th Birthday

We made a big deal out of birthdays in the Gerber house!
Submitted by: Kim Gerber Gouin

My Big Brother and Me

I am 4 months old and Bob is 6 years old. (1968) Happy birthday, Bob! I miss you like crazy!
Submitted by: Kim Gerber Gouin

I love you Bobby!

Love, Ally
Submitted by: Alyssa

We miss you so much!

Love you!
Submitted by: Shelley

Connecting via our daughters

Unfortunately, I only got to know Bob in the last year. However, in the few times we spent together (with our spouses and daughters), I found him to be warm, concerned, involved, intelligent and very much full of life and fun. Thank you Bob for touching my life and heart, showing us all how you lived life to its fullest in the too short time of 49 years. I love how you gave back to society in a big way and that is so much a part of our family values and what my Mom and Dad gave my brother, sister and I. What Chris and I hope to give our two sons and two daughters – giving back to society is about living life to its fullest. I don’t know if you were religious in the sense of Christianity (heaven, etc.), however I do believe you’re up there in heaven looking over us (please take care and look out for Shelley and your children). My guardian angels (Mom and Dad) look out for me up there!

Submitted by: Maureen Griffin White

me and Bob standing next to each other at the reunion 1986

My goes heart goes out to your family.

Submitted by: kevin asher

I am stunned and greatly saddened by what must have been Bob’s sudden passing. I was out of town last week, but had shared a cup of coffee with Bob at his neighborhood Starbucks just the week before. We originally met in the Inns of Court in Carmel Valley, but would see each other virtually every morning during our mutual stop at the Starbucks before work. He had shared with me that he was seeing a specialist for headaches, but never mentioned or appeared to be seriously ill. To the contrary, we talked about our usual subjects –politics, our pending cases and the upcoming college football season.

He was obviously a very bright man, as well as a bright shining light who still had much to offer the world and those around him including me. My sincerest prayers go out to his family at this difficult time.

Submitted by: Howard Kipnis